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Even With All The Bad Publicity Top Advisors Are Still Collecting A Million Dollars Of Annuity Premiums Monthly by Lew Nason in Finances at Isnare

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During the past several weeks we had a flood of advisors calling us because their annuity seminars, newspaper ads, and direct mail programs aren getting the results they used to get. These advisors are either looking for: a new foolproof way to generate annuity leads, preset annuity appointments, a new dynamic sales approach, a new exciting PowerPoint seminar presentation or they looking to get into an entirely new market.

After talking with these advisors it obvious to me as to what their problem is. However, most of these advisors don want to hear it. And, when they do hear it, they don believe it.

There is a simple reason why the top annuity producers across the country are not having, or even seeing the problems that most of the other advisors are having. There is a secret they know and use. A secret that when most advisors hear it, they just think it can be that easy.

Would you like to know the secret to success in annuity sales? (And success in any sales for that matter!)

In almost every article we had published during the past 9 years, we revealed the secret, and unfortunately only about one in hundred agents ever picks up on this secret and uses it. All the best sales and marketing trainers are always telling people about this secret for whatever product they are selling. Yet very few people ever truly understand the power of it, and use it.

Here the little secret if you want to have more annuity prospects than you can possibly handle, set more appointment and close more sales:

you must stop selling people a product, and instead help people to identify, understand and solve THEIR problems! many times have you read, or been told about this secret? This secret is what sets the top producers apart from everyone else, in all the sales fields.

Some agents seemed to have learned this secret, are successfully using it in their lead generation programs, and they are attracting tons of prospects. However, then they blow it in their seminars, workshops and approaches, because they revert back to pushing a product. Then they wonder why people won set an appointment with them. And, then during the few appointments they do get, they push a product and wonder why they can close the sale.

If the prospect doesn see and understand the problems they are facing? If they don see how you can help them to solve their problems, then why should they waste their time contacting you, set an appointment with you, or buy your products?

If you just another annuity sales person selling a product, then why would they refer their friends, family or business associates to you?

If you want to succeed in annuity sales, and collect an million dollars of annuity premiums every month, then you must help people to identify, understand and solve THEIR problems through EVERY PHASE of the sales process!

In every phase of the sales process you must be discussing how these retirees can make their money last during their ENTIRE retirement years, with safety and guarantees. It about you addressing their real concerns about outliving their money, and helping them to improve their lives. It helping these people to understand how you can help them to beat inflation, reduce income taxes, minimize investment risks, protect their income from the devastation of long term care and replacing lost income when a spouse dies. The article is strictly for educational or entertainment purposes only and should not be used in any way, implemented or applied without consultation from a professional. Please read our Terms of Service for more information.

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