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Financial Explanations and Introductions

This article will provide some clarity to the inner working of the various Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs and the significant role they play to our overall economy in being the essential financial.

49 The Financial Bailout Explainedby ajherrma (119 followers)

A look at the financial bailout of 2008 2009, and why the bailout was necessary to save the American economy at the time.

0 How to Calculate Compound Interest: Three Great Toolsby Steven (2 followers)

Compound interest works against consumers paying off loans at high interest rates. A credit card balance of $5,000 at a rate of 20%, compounded monthly, would rack up a whopping total compound interest due of $1066 per.

EDITOR’S CHOICE36 Financial Leverageby Chuck Nugent (4,291 followers)

Financial leverage is the process by which investors and speculators attempt to increase the return on an investment by the addition of borrowed funds to their investments.

6 The Truth About Credit Card Processing Services, Interchange Rates and Feesby Jeffrey Poehlmann (22 followers)

Learn what merchants and businesses need to know about accepting credit or debit cards and the costs involved with processing, including the meaning of "Interchange Fees" and "Discount Rates" and how.

1 Dave Ramsey’s Book "The Legacy Journey", a Reviewby Tamara Wilhite (240 followers)

A review of Dave Ramsey’s book "The Legacy Journey" by Tamara Wilhite

4 High Risk High Yield Investmentsby BeatsMe (219 followers)

High yield investments may sound like a dream for many people. However, it is possible to have high yield earnings from your investments. They can be very rewarding if you know what you are doing.

4 Safe Investments for Your Moneyby BeatsMe (219 followers)

Having a savings is the first step to future success. These safe investments are the best ways to save your money, safely.

21 You could easily lose your Inheritance! These Tips will save you Big $$$by Reynold Jay (941 followers)

RJ describes some of the unpleasant things that occurred when he became the administrator of an estate. He recommends you are in line for an inheritance, do your best to get the percentages out and exact.

2 How to Calculate Corporate Income Tax Tutorial Foundations of Financeby Katie Luense (240 followers)

This corporate income tax tutorial will focus on Federal Income Taxation that exists for the following reasons:To Provide government revenues, Achieve socially desirable goals,Stabilize the economy

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0 How to Make Your Money Resolutions Stickby CoolBunch (36 followers)

No one would argue that it not easy to keep your resolutions, especially those that involve life altering moves. But some tried and true measures can help put you on the right track to reach your financial goals.

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